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About Us

Signum was established in Ecublens Vd , Lausanne suisse. We are focused in offering the best IT services, promotional
events and inovations to help improve your brand image, culture and awareness.

We are a marketing company that provides the newest and most efficient way for the promotion of your business. By browsing our website you will be introduced and informed about our product, the Monitor advertiser.

This innovative product is a new interface to help drastically emphasize your brand awareness and is nothing like the traditional and aging means we are to see everyday. We do not just offer you a chance to show your brand, we will sublimate your ads and display them in the absolute most efficient places depending on your targeted customer. We are initiating a marketing revolution and would be glad to take you aboard! When you will be ready to take a step forward from your competitors in terms of advertisement, feel free to contact us. For any further requests, we are enthusiastic to answer any question.

About monitor

  • The most innovative product
  • Serves to advertise and promote products and services to drastically increase your targeted customer’s awareness.
  • With a High Definition technology, it communicates through videos, animations, sounds, photographs and text to implement your message in the best way to the right people.

Designed to be located mainly in closed environments, the elegant monitor will instigate interest and appeal to the viewers’ emotions.The minimalist and superbly designed shape of the monitor makes it attractive to the eye and therefore offers an infinite number of possibilities for marketers to do their magic, as people’s attention already is raised. With a dimension from …cm width and … cm length, the Signum Marketing Monitor ensures that advertisements are not only closely observed, but are also easily identifiable by the greatest distance, thus making each advertisement achieve maximum visibility. The Signum Monitor offers various advertising options dividing the monitor in three parts where you can put videos, photographs, text, or just place an ad in the entire monitor, a simple text file, or well-designed presentations. The support for the monitors is done in our company’s technical center, where all the items displays are synchronized to a server that has high safety and any change in the agenda is done with few short and easy transmission steps. All of these features are meant to offer you, dear client, the best possible way of marketing your company, in the simplest way, Collaboration is our inducement, which is why we try to facilitate it as much as possible.



Our monitors are placed in plenty different locations. We take care to place them in sites most frequented in order to achieve maximum effect on every ad. Below we notify you with viewership statistics

  • 1 day

    650 visitors

  • 7 days

    4 550 visitors

  • 30 days

    19 500 visitors

  • 1 day

    13 000 visitors

  • 7 days

    91 000 visitors

  • 30 days

    390 500 visitors

  • 6months

    2.340.000 two million and three hundred four thousand visitors that have seen your ad

  • 1year

    4.680.000 four million six hundred and eight thousand visitors that have seen your ad.

Now think of it, what if you give it a try and let your ad be seen by millions of people? Share your ideas, give us a chance and be a part of this revolution!

Signum Marketing.
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